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Stefan’s Story: From Rooms Division Manager to General Manager

Stefan, can you tell me something about your professional development at Seminaris and how you ended up where you are today? What experiences have you had along the way?

My journey at Seminaris Hotels began in summer 2021 as Rooms Division Manager at our hotel in Lüneburg. Even during onboarding, it was noticeable to me that I would be given maximum freedom to act on my own responsibility here. This aspect surprised me positively and was refreshingly different compared to previous employers.

It should be mentioned at this point that Seminaris recognized very early on that the work of tomorrow requires a different approach or a different cultural model. Since 2018, the hotel group has therefore been on an agile transformation journey toward structures that promote personal and professional development. Our mission statement “We make people grow” is also based on this.

I am very interested in this topic and after a short time I was given the confidence to be part of our transformation team “Team Head” in addition to my role as Rooms Division Manager. After three months, our General Manager at the time offered me the opportunity to take over the position of Operations Manager. This was not only a huge opportunity for me, which I gladly seized, but also a great sign of confidence. The new area of responsibility fulfilled me completely and I noticed that I could actively and self-determinedly exert a positive influence on the development of the hotel. Confidence in my work and the selfless support, also from the head office, motivated me to deliver my personal best performance every day and to put myself at the service of the collective. For the first time in my professional life, I had the feeling that above-average commitment, intrinsic motivation and the will to proactively seek out challenges and overcome resistance pays off and is valued.

How has Seminaris helped to advance your professional development? What specific resources or support have you received?

I see every day as part of a personal learning journey in which I can develop personally as well as professionally and character-wise. In doing so, I develop myself by consciously and actively entering into situations that are unfamiliar to me and challenging to the maximum. Seminaris helps me to succeed in these situations. Actively asking for feedback and reflecting on my actions help me to optimize progress. You could say that Seminaris gives me a safe framework for navigating uncertain waters. In addition, I find regular participation in internal and external workshops to be a positive enrichment for my professional and personal development.

What special qualities or skills did you develop or improve during your time at Seminaris? How have these skills influenced your career?

At Seminaris, I have learned to recognize the potential of employees and to develop it. I take great pleasure in developing my own in-house workshops and training sessions for my colleagues in order to solve interactive case studies and explore interesting topics together with them. The monthly workshop “Leadership/New-Work for Managers” – has now become a fixed component and enjoys great participation. In addition, I have the opportunity at Seminaris to actively participate in the agile transformation and to establish the hotel in suitable networks around the topics of change process/transformation/new work.

What internal company conditions or corporate culture at Seminaris contributed to making your personal learning journey and further development possible?

As a matrix organization, Seminaris redefines rigid positions as role models.

I have experienced that the motto “We make people grow” is not an empty phrase or a successful product of a marketing campaign.

In the context of Seminaris’ corporate culture, I can say for myself that this is my personal place for growth. Where I grow in the process is my responsibility.

An open culture of error, in which mistakes are perceived as important learning experiences, helps to reduce inhibitions about taking responsibility. This was and is an essential part of my development.

What will you take with you for the future? What are your long-term professional goals and how will your learning journey at Seminaris contribute to them?

I “love” problems, challenges and pressure to prove and challenge myself. To deliver my absolute best performance every day, both qualitatively and quantitatively, is my purpose and will also be the basis for my future learning journey.

My expectations of an employer are simple: room for growth and development. Seminaris offers this attribute in full.

I do not want to define a specific long-term professional goal. My goal is to be the best I can be every day and never lose my thirst for knowledge and hunger for development.

  • Stefan

    “Even during onboarding, it was perceptible to me that I get maximum freedom to act on my own responsibility here. This aspect surprised me positively and was refreshingly different compared to previous employers.”

    General Manager, Seminaris Hotel Lüneburg

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