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All Seminaris Hotels are obligated to take measures to ensure the safety and health of employees at work and to comply with the legal principles that affect us and apply to us. The regulations are complied with as a matter of course and a safe and health-promoting working environment is ensured. Seminaris Hotels equally respects the privacy of employees, guests, business and cooperation partners.

Sustainability Strategy at Seminaris

Our sustainability strategy is based on these four pillars: corporate management, energy, climate and environment, employees, and social commitment.

The 4 pillars of sustainability

Corporate Governance

At Seminaris, we follow the Blue Ocean Strategy approach. By enabling our services to offer more relevant benefits thanks to agile approaches, by serving a broader market, and by making Seminaris more resilient as a result, we give ourselves a sustainable advantage over our competitors (Red Ocean). 

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A network of New Work partners and in the context of supply chain and procurement management additionally promotes this process.

Energy, climate and environment

As part of our environmental management system, we use effective measures to conserve resources, save energy and thus reduce the impact of our actions on the climate and the environment. 

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We use green electricity in all hotels and conference participants can use the CO2-neutral organizer ticket of Deutsche Bahn for their travel. Our drinking water is microfiltered and served in reusable bottles. We also conserve resources with the recycled materials used in the conference area.


We make people grow – At Seminaris, we want all people to grow in their individuality and personality. We make room for individuality and are happy when this creates friction – because we use the energy that arises from this to constantly develop ourselves further.

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Diversity is as natural as it is enriching. After all, it is also firmly anchored in the personality of the hotel industry. Sustainability at Seminaris is lived from the inside out. We promote openness, trust, teamwork, diversity and treat each other with respect.

Social commitment

At Seminaris, we live social responsibility throughout the company. For example, we maintain a cooperation with workshops for the disabled. 

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With the Green Rate as well as “Click A Tree,” we plant trees in Africa, thereby helping the climate, creating full-time jobs and securing local income.
We rely on strong partner organizations and also involve our stakeholders in projects. This strengthens the sense of community and increases the reach of the projects.

Environmental goals

Continued development of environmental management system

We continue to expand our ISO 14001:2015 certified environmental management system, adapting it to new commitments and criteria. The Group’s environmental performance is to be continuously improved.

Minimize CO2 footprint

The CO2 footprint shall be improved together with service providers and suppliers, focusing on a more sustainable and regional supply chain, shorter supply routes and less packaging.

Waste reduction

We want to throw away as little as possible: We will reduce our food waste by at least 5 to 10 percent by optimizing separation and reduction.

Implementation of an innovationsmanagements

With our own innovation management, we can drive our transformation even further while improving our environmental performance.

Optimization energy consumption

We invest in environmentally friendly renovations and the use of renewable energies.

Opportunities and risks of sustainable business development

Through the environmental management system, the opportunities and risks of sustainable business development are incorporated into Seminaris’ business processes and strategic direction. We conduct a risk and opportunity assessment and derive regulations and improvement measures for the environmental management system from this. In doing so, Seminaris weighs risks and opportunities in terms of feasibility, financial viability and binding obligations. In this way, undesirable effects are to be prevented or reduced and a continuous improvement in environmental performance is to be achieved.

Sustainability topics

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Compliance at Seminaris

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