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Seminaris CampusHotel Berlin Tagungsraum Play Cube
Seminaris Hotel Bad Honnef Tagungsraum Playground
Seminaris Hotel Bad Honnef Tagungsraum Idea Space Two
Seminaris Hotel Bad Boll Tagungsraum München
Seminaris Hotel Lüneburg Tagungsraum Think Tank
Seminaris CampusHotel Berlin Tagungsraum Play Cube
Seminaris Hotel Lüneburg Tagungsraum Silent Space


Rooms have an effect on us – and can motivate us to perform at our best. With our creative concept spaces, we take you into a world where there are almost no limits. Workshops in an agile framework, according to Design Thinking or Scrum feel just as comfortable here as formats such as World Café or Bar Camps. Because everything is tailored to them, just like meetings according to New Work. These rooms are alive – you can change them, use them, help shape them. They offer flexible furniture and walls that can be written on, and their unusual design alone inspires you to come up with completely new ideas. They inspire you and your transformation. Try it out and experience what these places do to you!

Spaces that will change you

With our creative and concept rooms, we create open spaces for new thinking processes that are stimulating and at the same time very pleasant, where you feel safe and challenged. These meeting rooms make you feel alive and offer just the right materials for change.

The concept rooms are multifunctionally equipped – the perfect mix of workshop space, play space and concentrated work. The furniture can and should be actively moved around the room with the content of the meeting.

The rooms are not only designed to be visually appealing, but also set the highest standards for functionality and materials. Trainers who work according to the New Work concept will find all the materials they need for their workshops directly on site. Be it Lego© Serious Play© to represent problems in companies and work on them with it. Or to develop new products with prototyping material.

In the creative rooms you will find canvases on easels instead of flipcharts, versatile co-working furniture instead of classic conference chairs. Intelligent seating with integrated work materials, organic shapes, games and inspirational quotes provoke new ways of thinking in the best way and promote creative work.

Seminaris is a partner in the New Work process and can help shape it with equipment and a large network. Complex challenges are best solved with agile methods. Scrum, Effectuation or Design Thinking: they stand for such innovative approaches. We provide all consumables for the implementation of the New Work methods during the workshop.

Designing change with Seminaris

To create change, teams in companies need to rethink and refuel with fresh knowledge. At Seminaris, we specialize in conferences and workshops that shape the future. We offer you the creative environment you need with the comfort of a full-service hotel.


We are happy to answer all your questions! You want to book a room – or 30? You want to organize a workshop and rent a meeting room? You want to get to know New Work methods – or use them even more efficiently and implement them with your team? You want to do activities in the city and in nature? We are here for you, ready to advise you and help you find the best offer for you.
What can we do for you?


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