Seminaris Hotels for listening: We know how valuable the exchange with competent partners on the topic of New Work is, how much you can learn from the experiences and perspectives of others. That’s why we regularly invite guests to our own podcast and talk to them about the opportunities that agile methods offer, especially for the hospitality industry.

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The third podcast episode of “Play Cube FM – New Work in Reality Check” is exciting and yet comes across as quite unagitated. Not least thanks to Friederike Euwens from AllesRoger, who is visiting Jochen. In “Collective Leadership – Shaping Work 4.0 Together,” the two of them provide you with concrete scientific approaches that they present in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.

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With Friederike Euwens from AllesRoger, Jochen interviews a woman who has studied New Work and makes her profound knowledge coherent and tangible for us. She is precise and at the same time approachable. She lives Agile Working and doesn’t want to ascribe herself to any specific position. She prefers to look at a company and adapts her steps and roles to each situation individually.

With Jochen she talks about the tragedy of the Alemnde, the 8 design principles of collective leadership, pasture, fishing, democracy and community. What can we achieve if we act with the common good in mind? When the goal is not the enrichment of individuals, but the good of the group? How can we achieve such a goal and what do we actually get out of it? The conversation meanders and yet always remains concrete, offering you inspiration and facts in equal measure.

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Episode 2

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In episode two of Play Cube FM – New Work in Reality Check, Jochen looks at issues surrounding corporate culture as a success factor. Lena Mardon and Anna Volquardsen from DEARWORK, both experts in the field, met with him for a discussion.

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According to Anna and Lena, corporate culture is a set of values and rituals shared by the group. Every company should deal intensively with these values and rituals, define them together, record them and recall them again and again. Truly internalizing the core values is a transformation process that is essential for successful, forward-looking companies. Ultimately, employees can develop freely. They act in a self-determined manner, experience constructive feedback, and recognize personal strengths and weaknesses. They are more self-confident, more satisfied, more creative; everyone benefits from this.
At DEARWORK, communication specialists Anna and Lena deal with this issue on a daily basis. They have many interesting approaches, which they share with you in this episode.

Episode 1

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Episode one of “Play Cube FM – New Work in Reality Check” is all about the “learning journey”. For this, we invited Christian Binninger. He is the co-founder of Wecreation and a specialist in learning journeys and business transformation.

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The learning journey is about learning with ease and joy. This shapes our self-development, team development and thus also corporate development. As is so often the case with New Work, when we focus on employee satisfaction, we not only create sustainable organizations, we also create culture change.

What participants learn and how they learn it is a crux of the learning journey. Because the Wecreation team ties learning to emotions. Christian and his colleagues are convinced that we internalize things much better and, above all, more sustainably this way. An exciting approach that we take up in the podcast.

Jochen Swoboda


Jochen’s heart beats for a modern corporate culture, especially as a professional hotelier in an industry that is still quite traditional: In the eight Seminaris Hotels throughout Germany, he initiated and implemented a transformation toward a new world of work and developed and implemented a unique New Work concept. The topics of change, transformation and agile leadership are his key area of expertise: He is fascinated by the question of how to support people in finding their own happiness. And how they can get the best out of themselves in the process – and precisely because of it. At Seminaris, he finds answers to these questions every day – and looks for more…


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