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You are planning your own workshops – as an open format for networking events, for internal team development or culture change in the entire company? You want to introduce your team to the use of agile new work methods such as Scrum or you want to develop a transformation model tailored to you and your company? At Seminaris, we have developed workshop modules together with selected network partners that can be tailored to you and that, together with our creative and concept rooms, offer the optimal conditions for mindset change and agile working.


An agile mindset enables great leaps: Thinking and working agilely is an important requirement of the modern world, it opens your eyes to new opportunities – and is also simply great fun.

Organizational Development

When companies are developing and creating a cultural change, they need solid knowledge, but also a lot of support in the specific implementation. Seminaris is happy to accompany you and your teams on this journey.

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Schachfigur vor einem Spiegel

Personality Development

Developing one’s own personality is not only an advantage professionally. Personality development focuses on people, their habits, strengths and abilities, and how these can be broken down and strengthened so that they can react more resiliently to their own environment.

Agile Leadership

An economy that is constantly on the move needs leaders that are as well: Agile Leadership stands for fast, flexible and especially customer-oriented work in companies.

Change Management

Change is associated with many challenges, but above all with many opportunities. A good roadmap for this journey helps to manage them well. We provide you with the tools you need to shape your company’s transformation.


Seminaris Hotels accompany you on the path of your transformation: Do you want to reorganize your company? No matter whether you are still at the very beginning or need support with a specific challenge: We are happy to be at your side!


Change happens – but you can manage it. The future belongs to those who initiate and manage innovation in a targeted manner. Our network trainers inspire your creativity. Plus: You get the right methods and tools.


Together you achieve more: Many good ideas are born out of the power of collaboration – and you can often only implement them in a team. Seminaris Hotels offer the space and infrastructure for groups to jointly initiate ideas and implement processes.


Innovative technologies and the intelligent use of data are changing the world. We help you to deal smartly with digitalization and to use it optimally for you and your company.

Workshops & Events

In our Masterclasses, you will learn how to implement change processes in your company. Practical and efficient.

If people meet, it makes a lot of things possible. We offer these people the spaces they need to meet.

Seminaris CampusHotel Berlin Tagungsraum Play Cube

Seminaris Hotels are the ideal venue for modern conferences and innovative meeting concepts.


We are happy to answer all your questions! You want to book a room – or 30? You want to organize a workshop and rent a meeting room? You want to get to know New Work methods – or use them even more efficiently and implement them with your team? You want to do activities in the city and in nature? We are here for you, ready to advise you and help you find the best offer for you.
What can we do for you?


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