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In recent years, we have actively faced up to the changes in the world of work and, together with employees from all hotels and teams, have developed the central Seminaris values.

They guide us in our daily work and shape the culture of our collaboration.

Four values for a strong corporate culture


We appreciate every move, every team member, every partner – and show it. Together, we take care of people and nature. In this way, we create an environment for personal and professional growth.

Team strength

With us, everyone should contribute their own personality, competencies and perspectives. We support each other.

Joy of communication

Knowledge transfer and exchange of information enable us to act on our own responsibility, to make more conscious decisions and to achieve innovative results for ourselves, for guests and for partners.


We want to meet the challenges of a changing world courageously, take responsibility, remain flexible and act self-determined. Mistakes are the chance to rethink the future.

sustainable | mindful | with respect

diverse | trustful | at eye level

transparent | liberating | in exchange

independent | agile | with courage

Recruiting, hiring & onboarding by and for employees

Every new employee has a mentor as part of our buddy program who provides advice and support and makes it easier for them to get started at work.
What does that mean exactly? From the first day of work at Seminaris, new team members have an experienced contact person who not only ensures their professional and social induction, but also keeps a close eye on cultural integration. This ensures that our core corporate values take effect right from the start, and that new employees quickly find their way into acting independently within their role.
For a valuable time at Seminaris – right from day one.

What is important to us


Shared values are more than words: They come to life every day in our actions. We trust our employees and give them plenty of freedom right from the start. 

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We encourage independence and personal responsibility because they are the prerequisites for creativity and innovation, solution-oriented thinking and courageous action. Together, we shape the future viability of our company. Because values and culture make us strong. They form the basis for economic success.
Appreciation, team strength, communication and self-determination together form the basis of a cooperative partnership.
The core of our corporate culture is responsibility for the environment and growth.


Corporate Purpose plays a central role in our value-driven cultural transformation. We make people grow – that is not just our vision. It is the essence by which we act at Seminaris.

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We act not only internally, but also toward our stakeholders. The focus is on ecological, economic and social responsibility. Meaningful work motivates our employees and increases their satisfaction. An important asset – especially at a time when a shortage of skilled workers has become commonplace in the hospitality industry.


We promote diversity and inclusion in all areas. From the integration of people with disabilities to gender equality and flexible working time models for employees who combine family work with their professional lives.

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To the specific promotion of creativity by bringing together people from different departments: In the exchange, they learn with and from each other, broaden their horizons and develop further.


We promote diversity throughout the hotel group and make potential visible. Our measures target different genders and age groups, internationality or people with disabilities.

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For us, it is always a matter of course that we treat all guests and employees completely equally. Employees bring their own knowledge and experience with them – we want to get to know them with these competencies and support them on their way. Diversity is as natural as it is enriching.

Culture change

With our value-driven cultural change, we want to make Seminaris Hotels even more efficient and guest-oriented – with people who are fearless and unconventional, have the courage to try out new ideas, and take responsibility.

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Traditional management is being replaced by more freedom and responsibility for the individual, a new culture of making mistakes, and shorter decision-making paths. Management and head office are living the change, and the local transformation teams in the hotels are also shaping change processes.


We also want to remain fit for the future in order to be an attractive employer. Our employees should be able to respond proactively to change with the right mindset and the necessary toolbox.

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That is why we have initiated our transformation process from the inside. The mindset required for this is characterized by a willingness to change continuously. The recipe: self-determined work, flat hierarchies, constructive involvement in decision-making processes, living creativity and the joy of experimentation, an open atmosphere and learning culture.

Personality development

Personality development and corporate culture are among the important sources of our success at Seminaris Hotels. The claim “We make people grow” also illustrates that the demands on our employees are growing as Seminaris grows as a hotel group.

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We invest in our employees and anchor people as the center of all our values. With us, you can be a human being and should grow! One should not only contribute one’s working power, but one’s whole nature and personality. This is what shapes our corporate culture.

New Leadership

We want to fill our management positions with internal talent and support employees in their development in a targeted manner – with specialist training, personal leadership or agile working methods.

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Mentoring is particularly successful: It creates bonds of trust that enrich both sides. Classic leadership can be divided among several tasks and roles in cross-functional teams. We support young talents in their personal skills, self-efficacy, assertiveness, leadership, networking or collaboration.


At Seminaris Hotels, we consider our employees and teams to be the cornerstone of the company, as their performance is significantly linked to a successful future.

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We are aware that it is the people and their individual qualities that make Seminaris what it is. This is precisely why all our efforts are aimed at the people who stand for our hotel group. Every day, we passionately face the challenge of recognizing and meeting the individual needs of these people.


We focus on long-term employee retention and are committed to providing sustainable employability and balanced professional and personal development for everyone in the company through skills and professional development opportunities.

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Sustainable employability and skills development of employees are one of the essential tools for Seminaris to prepare for the future and meet the challenges it brings.


Are you looking for a new professional challenge? Do you want a job that is more than just work? We offer you the chance to realize your ideas and develop yourself. In a company that lives the future.

For the future of your dreams

Here your visions find a home: appreciative, self-determined, communicative and in a team. A career in the hotel industry can be different! At Seminaris, you work sustainably and based on values.