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Ninas Story

Nina’s professional journey at Seminaris is not only characterized by professional growth but also by personal happiness and the special encounters that life in the hotel industry brings. Her story is a fascinating interplay of learning, growing and discovering love in the workplace.

Antjes Story

Antje talks about her development at Seminaris and how, after 20 years as a sales professional, she now uses her passion for sustainability as a sustainability manager for the Seminaris Group.Her captivating story shows that professional and personal development go hand in hand.

Annes Story

Anne shares her impressive growth story at Seminaris, where she started as Senior Operations Manager in 2021. The supportive culture at Seminaris enabled her personal and professional development as part of a dedicated team. Above all, the company’s agile transformation journey shapes her professional journey.

Stefans Story

Stefan shares his development story at Seminaris, where he started as Rooms Division Manager in 2021 and developed into Operation Manager within a very short time. Through the combination of freedom for independent action, agile transformation journey and an open error culture, Stefan experienced not only an impressive professional but also a profound personal development.

Zoes Story

With her positive energy, Zoe inspired everyone from her first day at Seminaris. Her ideas soon extended beyond the sales team, and Zoe became actively involved in the internal transformation of Seminaris. But it was only then that her entrepreneurial spirit was truly awakened: Today, she is in the midst of founding her co-working space in Brandenburg.

Peers Story

New beginnings know no age – this was also the case for our head chef Peer. After many years on the job, he has found his calling at Seminaris: Passing on knowledge, love and the tools of the trade for really good food to the next generation. Peer is now living his dream in his own restaurant, where he shares the kitchen with two trainees.