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Antje’s Story:
From sales professional to sustainability officer

Hi Antje, can you tell me about your professional development at Seminaris and how you managed to get to where you are today?

After more than 20 years of sales experience in the international hotel industry, it was tempting for me to rebuild the sales department of a small German chain based on a strategic realignment of the chain. With the structural and content-related realignment of the company, the topic of sustainability also became more of a focus and the question of how to raise awareness of it holistically within the company and integrate it into the processes. A very challenging task that I was keen to take on. Thanks to the support of external consultants, I have been able to independently set up, introduce and certify an environmental management system since 2018. To deepen my expertise in this area, I completed qualifications as an environmental officer and auditor for ISO 14001. ISO 14001 defines a framework for companies and organizations to identify, monitor, control and continuously improve environmental impacts. By implementing this standard, organizations can not only optimize their environmental performance, but also meet legal requirements, minimize risks and promote environmental awareness throughout the organization.

The constant development of the sustainability area soon required 100% attention, which is why I handed over responsibility for the sales team in 2022 in order to devote myself fully to this meaningful task.

How has Seminaris helped drive your professional development? What specific resources or support have you received?

Seminaris not only opened the doors for me, but also gave me the freedom to develop and provided the resources I needed for my journey. I was given the opportunity to work remotely and organize myself, and the company gave me the confidence to take on my new role. Sustainability is not just a professional goal for me, but a matter close to my heart. The freedom to be able to influence this as part of my job goes far beyond what I can do in my private life. I was also given the opportunity to build up a second pillar to support small private hotels and tour operators in the area of sustainable distribution. I am very grateful for that.

What special qualities or skills have you developed or improved during your time at Seminaris? How have these skills influenced your career?

During my time at Seminaris, I developed valuable qualities not only professionally but also personally. I have learned to deal with challenges in a more relaxed way and to reduce my perfectionism. These qualities have not only had a positive influence on my career, but have also given me the flexibility to accept changes and challenges with gratitude and more ease.

What internal company conditions or corporate culture at Seminaris contributed to making your personal learning journey and further development possible?

The generous freedom to work independently that Seminaris gave me was crucial for my personal learning journey and development. The corporate culture created an inspiring environment that allowed me to grow beyond myself.

What do you take with you for the future?

As Seminaris is still at the beginning of the journey to sustainability and our environment is constantly changing in this area, I see this as a constant learning journey. There is still a lot to discover and I am planning further training in the area of sustainability, such as GHG/EU taxonomy, which I can gratefully contribute to the further development of the environmental management system. At the same time, I would like to support small companies on their way to sustainability by breaking down prejudices and fears about this very complex but very important topic.

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“Seminaris enabled me, after a long sales career in the international hotel industry, to realign sales as part of the transformation of our company and to focus on my passion for sustainability.”

Manager Sustainability & CSR, Seminaris Hotels

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