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Whether in a home office, in a co-working space, anywhere in the world or in the office: Where we work is changing, and above all how. At Seminaris, we show you what’s possible. For example, you can use our creative workshops to efficiently and sustainably design all processes related to agile working in your company. Or use our co-working spaces for collaborative work.

Agile Working

Agile working is flexible, fast and productive. Employees make the decisions, not supervisors. This changes a lot – and makes a lot possible.

Work-Life Blending

Work and life cannot be separated. When the two are merged, it’s called work-life blending – at Seminaris, we show you how to make it work for you.


One space, smart minds and an agile infrastructure: With this recipe for success, you can initiate creative processes with co-working and fill them with life.

Home Office

In a home office, you can work in a particularly concentrated manner and flexibly combine work and private life. Digital tools make it possible for everyone to work professionally in their own home.

Hybride / Mobile Working

Video conferencing and other digital tools enable a whole new level of flexibility. At Seminaris, we show you how to make the most of them and how to use them optimally.


Wir sind bei allen Fragen gern für dich erreichbar! Du willst ein Zimmer buchen – oder gleich 30? Einen Workshop veranstalten und einen Tagungsraum mieten? Du willst New Work Methoden kennenlernen – oder sie noch effizienter nutzen und mit deinem Team umsetzen? Du hast Lust auf Aktivitäten in Stadt und Natur? Wir sind für dich da, beraten dich gern und helfen dir, das für dich beste Angebot zu finden.
Was können wir für dich tun?

Workshops & Events

In our Masterclasses, you will learn how to implement change processes in your company. Practical and efficient.

When people meet, it makes a lot of things possible. We offer these people the right spaces for these encounters.

Our flexible creative spaces offer plenty of room and the optimal equipment for individual workshops.


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