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Nina’s Story:
From trainee to Head of Front Office & Reservation

Hi Nina, can you tell me about your professional development at Seminaris and how you managed to get to where you are today?

Seminaris has accompanied me on my professional journey for many years. I laid the groundwork in 1996 with my training as a hotel manageress at the Lüneburger Haus. The three years were characterized by joy, nice people and unforgettable experiences. I acquired a wealth of knowledge in eight departments and got to know wonderful people. I am still in contact with many of my “trainee colleagues” from back then and I even married one of them.

After my training, I spent a year as a front office agent at the Seminaris Hotel Bad Honnef. As a northern light, however, I was drawn back again. I was then stationed in Hamburg for a total of seven years. There I worked in three different hotels in reservations, both as an agent and in a managerial position. Nevertheless, I kept in touch with the Lüneburg Seminaris.

After my time in Hamburg, my path led me back there again – first as a parental leave replacement at the front office, then as Deputy Front Office Manager and later as Front Office Manager. In 2019, I moved to the revenue team, an extremely exciting phase in which I learned a lot of new things and developed myself further.

The close connection to the front offices has remained throughout my career. Since 2022, I have been Head of Front Office & Reservation – a position I created with our management to strengthen the heart of our hotels. I feel very comfortable in my position and have many nice and competent people around me. I look forward to everything new and to the tried and tested, and I realize how I can combine challenges and experience.

How has Seminaris helped drive your professional development? What specific resources or support have you received?

Seminaris played a decisive role in my professional development. I was trained here, often brought back down to earth, listened to and trusted. I was given the freedom to grow, even if I made mistakes! I enjoy being able to work remotely, visit the different hotels and maintain personal contact. I decide on my appointments and my schedule and am happy to be in contact with my entire team. Communication is very important to me. I have all kinds of opportunities to use it. Seminaris enables self-organization and the necessary help to implement this optimally. A creative exchange of ideas and methods is possible at any time.

What special qualities or skills have you developed or improved during your time at Seminaris? How have these skills influenced your career?

During my time at Seminaris, I learned a lot and rethought a lot of what I had learned. I’ve learned a lot about finding my own methodology, organizing and structuring myself better, and I’m also learning more every day. My awareness of communication has improved in many areas and I am simply myself and enjoy doing so. 

What internal company conditions or corporate culture at Seminaris contributed to making your personal learning journey and further development possible?

It started with the sound training and the open view of people, and continued with trust, development opportunities and good conversations. Motivation and freedom made my further development possible.

What do you take with you for the future?

It started with the sound training and the open view of people, and continued with trust, development opportunities and good conversations. Motivation and I will definitely carry trust and constructive communication into my future. I want to pass on these values and strive to offer the teams at the FO and in reservations ideas, alternatives and help to strengthen internal communication. The motivation and ideas of my colleagues inspire me, and I look forward to everything that is yet to come.

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“Seminaris trained me, brought me back to the facts, listened to me and gave me confidence. I was given the freedom to grow, even when I made mistakes! “

Head of Front Office & Reservation, Seminaris Hotels

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