At Seminaris Hotels, we questioned everything – in order to set out for new shores! The hotel industry is traditionally very hierarchical. We have said goodbye to this and replaced it with empowerment and personal responsibility of all people in the company. Since 2018, we have faced the transformation. This has grown into a team that meets regularly for workshops across departments, locations and hierarchies and shapes the transformation of the corporate culture from within. So we know what we’re talking about when we support you in your goals with agile methods and meetings!


sustainable | mindful | with respect

Team strengths

diverse | trustful | at eye level

Joy of communication

transparent | liberating | in exchange


independent | agile | with courage

Seminaris lives New Work itself

We know the challenges of the transformation process

The hotel industry is constantly changing. Only if employees are able to make decisions on their own and independently their employers will be able to survive in this industry. At Seminaris Hotels, we have learned and internalized this on our journey of transformation. We have defined our values and replaced outdated structures with a matrix organization in which everyone takes responsibility. So we know the challenges that come with such a transformation very well – and we’re happy to share our experiences with you!

Watch it!

News from Seminaris in a video: our hotels and meeting rooms in detail as well as exciting insights into our work.

Live change

Change must be lived: Seminaris Hotels are also on the journey of transformation. In the matrix organization, everyone takes responsibility. The mission “We make people grow” makes Seminaris’ claim clear: People should and are allowed to grow themselves here. This also applies to our own teams, which develop every day through agile leadership and a pronounced culture of mistakes and feedback.

Why Seminaris

About us

Seminaris offers a state-of-the-art working environment, for its own employees as well as guests, customers and partners.

We culture

At Seminaris, we all team up to achieve our goals and stand up for each other.


As a company, we are committed to our responsibility for people, the environment and society.


We are happy to answer all your questions! You want to book a room – or 30? You want to organize a workshop and rent a meeting room? You want to get to know New Work methods – or use them even more efficiently and implement them with your team? You want to do activities in the city and in nature? We are here for you, ready to advise you and help you find the best offer for you.
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