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Seminaris Hotels implement sustainable water concept

May 24, 2022

glass filled with water

The Seminaris Hotels stand for sustainability, green vacations and green meetings. The latest measures include a digitally documented hygiene concept, new cleaning agents and a water concept that saves a lot of CO2.

Seminaris Hotels take responsibility: They want to ensure significantly more sustainability in the hotel industry and consistently implement measures to conserve resources. This includes, for example, the “Pure Seminaris Water” concept: “We no longer buy bottled water, but supply our guests with double-filtered premium water from tap,” Deborah Bertram, Head of Food & Beverage, reports. All houses have invested in high-quality filter systems that are permanently installed and remove 99.9 percent of the microparticles.

Freshly filtered water from tap

“This water is freshly tapped and varies from region to region. You have to know that tap water in Germany is checked very strictly and very frequently, while bottled water is often stored for many years. Therefore, our filtered water offers qualitative advantages in addition to the sustainability aspect.” It is served in glass bottles that can be cleaned and reused in strict compliance with HACCP.

A comprehensive HACCP hygiene concept was also newly integrated at Seminaris. It comprises 15 steps and can be documented completely digitally in all facilities via a cloud-based app system – which saves a lot of paper and increases the reliability of the processes. Products that cause 98 percent less plastic waste and can be better dosed have recently been used for cleaning. The kitchen floors also do not need to be rinsed with drinking water after using the enzyme cleaner, which not only saves this valuable resource but also time during usage.

Zero Waste Project

At the Seminaris CampusHotel Berlin, a zero-waste project has been launched in cooperation with the partner circular Berlin, which among other things aims to prevent food waste. More and more organic products are moving into the range of products offered by Seminaris Hotels, including organic spritzers as meeting drinks or organic ginger shots in lunch bags. “We are constantly optimizing ourselves, always evolving,” explains Deborah Bertram. “Sustainability is a matter of the heart and conviction for us.”

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