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For the future of your dreams – Seminaris Hotels wins again the 1st place at the HR-Hospitality Award of the German Hotel Academy in the category Recruiting

November 30, 2023

Seminaris Team gewinnt Hospitality HR Award 2023

Seminaris Hotels continues its successful course and is pleased about the repeated award of the coveted 1st place at this year’s HR Hospitality Award of the German Hotel Academy. This award in the Recruiting category follows the prizes already received in 2022 for innovative, holistic HR strategy approaches, which were honored with the Hotel Innovation Award in addition to the Hospitality HR Award.

Seminaris Hotels has once again received recognition from the HR Hospitality Award for its innovative and employee-centered approach, which focuses on the personal and professional development of employees under the motto “We make people grow”.
The committee of the German Hotel Academy thus recognizes not only an innovative and forward-looking approach to recruiting, but rather the commitment of Seminaris Hotels to the development of its employees beyond the interests of the company.

“We make people grow – the workplace as a space for growth, that is a very attractive value proposition that our jury believes deserves first place!”, Sarah Sigloch, jury member and Vice President Human Resources H-Hotels.

Seminaris Hotels’ recruiting strategy deals intensively and future-oriented with the challenges of the industry, especially with regard to the increasing “workerlessness” and changing needs in the world of work.
By breaking up rigid thought patterns and structures as well as innovative development and support programs, Seminaris creates space for the joint, professional and personal development of its employees and proactively shapes the future.

The renewed award underlines the courage, the continuity as well as the visionary and effective approaches of Seminaris Hotels in the field of human resources.

Seminaris Hotels understands this award as a great recognition of its zeitgeist, its ability to change and the courageous step to position itself for and in new circumstances in the industry, which is facing dynamic changes. Seminaris sees employee development and promotion as one of many important key components in successfully meeting the challenges of the times.

“Our philosophy ‘We make people grow’ is more than just a slogan. It is our commitment not only to employ our employees, but also to actively support them in their personal and professional development. This pays into an appreciative and long-term employer-employee journey, as well as a mindset that can respond flexibly to change. This award confirms that we are on the right track and encourages us to continue to pursue innovative ways to shape the future of our hotels together and to inspire the industry,” says Jochen Swoboda, CEO of the Seminaris hotel chain.

Seminaris thanks.

Link to the campaign video

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