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Seminaris saves vegetables from the “beauty police“

April 13, 2022

Quere Karotte

The Seminaris Hotels implement a comprehensive sustainability strategy. This includes saving organic vegetables, which EU standards declare not nice enough, but which are extra delicious according to chefs and guests.

Since March, the Seminaris Hotels have been serving special vegetables: the “Veggie Rebels”. These are crooked cucumbers, intertwined carrots or potatoes that are not quite round – and not only very adorable, but above all super tasty. But because the shape is harder to store and transport, EU standards declare such “improperly grown” vegetables to be rejects. This keeps them off the shelves of most supermarkets and organic stores.

Great love for food

Seminaris can now save such vegetables from organic farming in cooperation with the Berlin organic trader Querfeld. The hotels’ chefs are happy to have such special pieces under their knives. “Of course, it takes more effort to peel the vegetable rebels, but if you value food for what it is, being a resource for life, then the love for the product makes it a joy to handle,” explains Deborah Bertram, Head of Food & Beverage. “We are delighted to be able to offer them to our guests.”

Saving non-standard vegetables is sustainable, and thus the “Veggie Rebels” support Seminaris’ comprehensive strategy on this topic: the company, which is clearly committed to sustainable development and ecological responsibility, is continuously looking for new ways to complement its existing activities.

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