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Annette Kinne and Jan-Hendrik Brune from u-move design company-wide change processes towards sustainable structures and business models. For them, change is an act of design, for which they create the framework and environment that truly promotes sustainable development. Their experience from corporate transformations combined with their confidence in the process enable development in and with the participants.
The training for thought leaders comprises four modules or two compact modules, each taught in two days – in a small group of six to ten participants, at the Seminaris Hotels Lüneburg. Individual modules can also be booked.


Today’s economy is shaping tomorrow’s world. This requires new solutions, new tools and new minds. Shaping a transformation process towards a sustainable company is a responsible challenge that needs forward thinkers.

You can become one of these minds in your company, helping to shape the world of tomorrow – we’ll show you how!

In our new Masterclass series, you will learn how to develop your company sustainably. We give you the necessary space to personally develop clarity in dealing with change and to successfully implement it in your company.

With the training we enable you to learn and internalize a sustainable organizational development competence for practice. You have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, tools and motivation in experiential settings that make implementation almost self-evident. You will develop an understanding and the competencies to successfully shape change in the future. Based on Theory U by C. Otto Scharmer, the basic ideas of Don Beck in Spiral Dynamics and the bottleneck-focused strategy by Wolfgang Mewes, we give you a practical understanding of successfully applied concepts for change and realignment of organizations. The workshops enable you to accompany and actively shape personal and organizational change processes in the future.

We encourage you to play to your human strengths:

• Alert listening, through which we can question old habits.
• An open heart that allows us to empathically take on the perspectives of others.
• An intrinsically motivated will that lets us really get into action and ensures that new things emerge.

This allows new ways of thinking and acting to develop, enabling us to connect with each other, develop trust, and thus learn from and grow with each other. In order to finally bring the appropriate solutions, which are already in a system, noticeably and visibly into implementation.


The training is just right for you if you:

  • Want to learn about and apply sustainable organizational development competence.
  • As an organization developer | people & culture | executive | owner | managing director, you want to shape and/or accompany transformations and lead organizations into sustainability.
  • You are interested in questioning your own inner attitudes and, if necessary, experiencing your own transformation process.
Participants profile
  • Organizational developer
  • People & Culture
  • Executive
  • Owner
  • Managing Director


Module 1: Understanding triggers for change projects

The first module offers the space to take an in-depth look at why fundamental changes are needed in organizations and thus in our thinking and actions. In doing so, we will primarily explore the questions: Why is agility and the ability to change – especially personal agility – essential for the development of sustainable solutions? Why does this require the ability to reflect? Why is understanding and connecting with one’s own environment essential?

Module 2: Looking at your own ways of thinking and acting

In this module we approach our own ways of thinking and acting by looking and understanding more closely. By sensitizing ourselves to our own and others’ channels of perception, we fathom and shift the personal principles in our actions in order to be able to act differently in the future.

Module 3: Reflect and enlarge the scope of one’s own possibilities

The third module offers the space to deal with one’s own limits and beliefs that repeatedly restrict our personal development. Actively confronting these, understanding them and, if necessary, clarifying them, opens up the opportunity for new spaces of possibility and access to the emerging future.

Module 4: Admitting, developing and applying new knowledge

In the first part of the fourth module we deal with the path to inner clarity, on which you can open yourself to new insights and develop them further. The second part focuses on the development of potential and how this can be achieved concretely in individuals, teams, areas and organizations.

Module 1 (Organizational Development Compact)

The first module covers understanding an organization under development and what really matters. Which methods bring me the necessary information and how do I use them successfully? How can I use my perceptions to deeply fathom and understand the core intention of a change? So that what really needs to be changed for successful organizational development can be changed.

Module 2 (Organizational Development Compact)

The second module provides the space to address the issue of implementing an identified necessary development. What are the options? How can a development work? What can I do to generate ideas and solutions in the organization? Once the appropriate answers have been found, the final part will focus on how to operationalize these findings and transfer them to everyday life.


Seminaris Hotel Lüneburg
Soltauer Straße 3
21335 Lüneburg

Seminaris Hotel Lüneburg Lobby

Dates Masterclass Lüneburg

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We all have the ability to learn. What is special and definitely worth exploring, however, is finding out how to learn with joy, and in the process rediscover and reshape your own work. 


We are happy to answer all your questions! You want to book a room – or 30? You want to organize a workshop and rent a meeting room? You want to get to know New Work methods – or use them even more efficiently and implement them with your team? You want to do activities in the city and in nature? We are here for you, ready to advise you and help you find the best offer for you.
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