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Seminaris Masterclass

Bad Boll


How does New Work become the New Normal? What is the difference between management and leadership, how can change succeed in the team and in the company? These and other questions will be addressed in the New Work Masterclass in Bad Boll – always with the focus on people. In the workshops you will also have the opportunity to get to know Lego® Serious Play® and experience it yourself.


In this Masterclass, we will look at the complex and colorful world in New Work and focus on the essential components of our understanding of New Work in the following sessions. How do we look at this new world of work, what are the current challenges, how can we solve them and help shape the change in our own company?


This Masterclass enables the view of the big picture, sharpens the own view and attitude towards all topics around New Work. It provides tools as well as new perspectives that can accompany and support participants personally and companies in change.

In the individual modules we approach topics that we do not want to miss in the area of New Work. Do you have a specific case in the area of New Work, a special topic that drives you? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Participants profile
  • Owners & Founders SMEs
  • Executives


Module 1 (Part 1): From New Work to New Normal

Work must be rethought! How do we look at New Work and how does work become something we really, really want? The Kollektiv New Work has launched to help people and companies with exactly these complex questions. In this session, we’ll develop a shared understanding of New Work and provide inspiration and tools to help you shape change, not just watch it happen.

Module 1 (Part 2): Transformation vs. Change

Whether shift, change or transformation – the world of work is on the move. Everyone is talking about transforming companies. Unfortunately, more than 70 percent of all change projects in companies fail before they have really taken off.

Transformation vs. change, process support vs. change capability, structural changes vs. project support: What is what, how can sustainable change succeed in a company and how can employees become part of these processes?

For us, transformation is the supreme discipline in organizational development. In this Masterclass we look at the different terms and possibilities, present tools and share our experiences on how to accompany the people in the company well through this process.

Module 2 (Part 1): New Leadership

Together, we develop a new view of leadership and look at how the topic has changed over the past decades and go further into the future. In the past, leadership was often characterized by hierarchies and a strong power imbalance. Leadership was often defined by individuals making decisions.

What does leadership mean in the organization of the future? How can leadership become easier for you without being the “Eierlegendewollmilchsau”? How is leadership different from New Leadership and how can you make the shift to leading in a network?

In this Masterclass we will show new perspectives and alternatives to traditional leadership, give you tools you can use in your everyday life and, as always, bring the focus on people. We look at the approach of people-centered leadership.

Module 2 (Part 2): New Work Teams

For us, people are at the center of change and we burn for the development of human systems!

Change is not easy for anyone, teams often find it difficult to steer themselves and to walk the path of change together. Often the ego stands above the common goal and thus prevents the departure. There are ways to constructively integrate change into everyday life so that teams can benefit and even enjoy it.

This Masterclass looks at teams and their ability to change, to see change as an opportunity and to use it productively. With impulses for a better handling in change situations and tools to get moving.



Seminaris Hotel Bad Boll
Michael-Hörauf-Weg 2
73087 Bad Boll

Seminaris Hotel Lüneburg Lobby

Dates Masterclass Bad Boll

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We are happy to answer all your questions! You want to book a room – or 30? You want to organize a workshop and rent a meeting room? You want to get to know New Work methods – or use them even more efficiently and implement them with your team? You want to do activities in the city and in nature? We are here for you, ready to advise you and help you find the best offer for you.
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