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Break away from the conservative dogmas of the hotel industry!

October 5, 2021

Seminaris Hotel Lüneburg Lobby

Seminaris Hotels not only offer their guests ideal conditions for New Work meetings and trainings: they are also implementing a real change themselves and putting the concept into practice with their own employees.

New Work is the future of work: more flexible, more digital, more connected, more human. Seminaris Hotels accompany companies on their way to this concept: In addition to classic conferences and events, the eight hotels throughout Germany offer everything that is needed to learn New Work. With creative rooms, a professional network of trainers and speakers, and the amenities of a business hotel, they support companies in the exciting process of change. They give these companies the space, the tools and the support they need to develop sustainably. And what Seminaris sells, they live: Since 2019, the team itself has been committed to a profound transformation.

Questioning the traditional hotel industry

In order to truly understand the needs of its guests and to accompany the external and internal transformation of its teams at eye level, the company is questioning everything that the classic hotel industry has established as standard over decades. “We are deliberately breaking with the conservative dogmas of the industry,” says Jochen Swoboda, Director of Operations at Seminaris Hotels. “Because customers who want to change their companies with creative, agile meetings don’t just need rooms and free space: they need a place where they can break out of their daily routine, develop new ideas and initiate sustainable processes. And you need network partners who turn these sprints into real design sprints and lead them into the New World of work.”

Culture change must be the focus

In cooperation with the Berlin-based organizational development company Wecreation, which supports brands and organizations in their cultural transformation, the employees of Seminaris are developing a practical concept. “Just like the teams at Seminaris, we are convinced that people can only fully develop their potential and do good work in a contemporary organizational culture,” says Christian Binninger, Managing Director at Wecreation and coach. “Organizations that want to position themselves for the future have to include cultural development in their strategic focus.” In the joint project, several agile sprints will take place within two years to change Seminaris from the very ground up. Together, the values of Seminaris will be defined and realigned. Selected ambassadors in the company implement the corresponding knowledge and mindset in all teams.

Know the needs and challenges of customers

“This change takes time,” Swoboda said. “And it can be painful when you have to let go of familiar processes and beliefs. But that’s exactly what we’re learning, which is what our customers are also experiencing as they transition to New Work: We now know what transformation feels like, what the challenges are, and how to overcome them.” He also senses the energy that the process has already triggered among Seminaris employees: “We have come through the pandemic better than average so far. New Work has certainly contributed to that!”

Teams are allowed to shape the company in a new way

For employees, the process offers a fulfilling opportunity to help shape the company from the ground up – and to do so sustainably and over the long term: Seminaris has switched to a matrix organization in which not entire teams, but the specialists best suited to a particular task are allowed to make targeted, quick decisions. “We are convinced that the conversion to New Work strengthens our employees and shows them that they can participate in making the brand grow.” The people in the company grow with it – the Seminaris slogan is meant seriously: We make people grow!

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