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Meetup series “Hospitality meets New Work” from Seminaris

September 1, 2022

Swimming Pool ohne Wasser. Gefüllt mit Sitzmöglichkeiten

The hospitality industry needs to be turned upside down and New Work offers solutions. Seminaris is taking this credo to the broader public with the Meetup series “Hospitality meets New Work”. The first Meetup is dedicated to the concept of the “Learning Journey”.

With “Hospitality meets New Work” Seminaris launches a Meetup series on September 8, 2022 at 2 p.m. and advances as a multiplier for New Work in the hotel industry. The topic of the first Meetup is the Learning Journey.

Convince more people of corporate transformation with Meetup

In the Meetups, invited experts discuss current New Work methods and their applicability in the hotel industry with the participants. The Seminaris hotels are in the midst of a transformation process that doesn’t work top-down, but is rather people-centered and shaped by the employees. Seminaris has had very positive experiences with this. That’s why they use Meetup to present New Work as a beneficial perspective to as many hospitality industry representatives as possible.

Each Meetup starts with a keynote speech by an expert, followed by an intensive exchange in breakout rooms. The results from the small groups are then discussed in the large group. Jochen Swoboda, Vice President Operations at Seminaris Hotels, hosts the Meetups, which are scheduled to take place online every one to two months. Each event lasts about one and a half hours, is free of charge and open to everybody.

“The Learning Journey in New Work” – the topic of the first Meetup.

The first Meetup is dedicated to the concept of the Learning Journey. For this, host Jochen Swoboda invited Simone Bromma. The co-founder of Wecreation thinks: “The Learning Journey is a great opportunity for the hotel industry because the participants are diversely positioned and actively participate in the change process. They attach emotions to their experiences, can internalize them better and really help shape change in a sustainable way.” Her colleague and co-founder Christian Binninger is the second guest in the Meetup. Both are looking forward to the exchange with the participants.

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