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Meeting and brainstorming outdoors

Your break-out activities in the countryside

The Seminaris Avendi Hotel Potsdam is located in the countryside and therefore offers the unique opportunity to meet outside - or simply to step out of the conference rooms directly into the greenery and, if the weather is nice, to sit there for longer, to work together and to spend the breaks. In the fresh air, in a relaxed atmosphere and surrounded by greenery, you can think in a completely different way and the energy flow in your body is strengthened.

Enjoy the numerous culinary outdoor offers during your meeting: brainstorming sessions or the search for a solution to a specific challenge are simply moved outside. Whether in the middle of a meeting, during breaks or in the evening, take advantage of this opportunity for you and your team.

Book your meeting, workshop or training and enjoy the benefits of meeting outdoors, brainstorming or just spending the breaks together. 

Breadtime in picnic style

In the morning, at noon, in the evening - a picnic is a good idea. And we make it easy, because all you have to do is step out of the meeting room and you're in front of the lake Griebnitzsee. We pack you a picnic bag with fresh salads, breads and spreads. Vegetables, fruit, finger food and sweet snacks are also included. And for refreshment there will be water and homemade iced teas.

Salad bar in the greenery

A light snack for lunch, so that the meeting run actively after the lunch break? Then an outdoor salad bar is just the right choice with fresh salads, sourdough bread and various spreads. 

Walking Break

Who actually tells you that brainstorming sessions always have to take place indoors? The Walking Break takes you outside the four walls of the meeting room - with a task and provisions in your luggage. During the walk, discussions, creations and decisions can be made. Inspiring tasks turn it into a completely new experience.

Street food from the wheelbarrow

A bit of weekly market flair and being in the middle of the countryside is easy. Take one wheelbarrow, put street food on it, and fill a second one with ice cubes for iced drinks. A bit rustic, but perfect for networking during the break.

BBQ on the terrace

The classic and yet always very popular - the outdoor BBQ. We arrange the barbecue according to your wishes. The view of the lake Griebnitzsee is included for free.

Twist bread on the fire

Baking twisted bread and grilling marshmallows is not just for kids. After the meeting, it's time to get into the camp feeling. Great. By the fire we also serve antipasti and dips and wine and beer.  Yes, this is the summer of 2021.

DIY Burger BBQ

Is it weekend already? No, but it just feels so familiar with the Do-It-Yourself Burger BBQ. Camping grill set up on the terrace, plus two different patties and vegetarian pattie, grilled vegetables, sauces and salads. To quench your thirst, we'll provide a box of beer, red and white wine, and organic lemonades and water.

DIY Hot Dogs

The meeting required a lot of sportsmanship from you? Perfectly. Then it's time to take a break at the Do-It-Yourself Hot Dog booth. Create your own hot dog with regional, vegetarian or Italian ingredients. Or mix and match them all, just the way you like it.

Gin & Tonic

We have to admit it, we're a bit of a ginfluencer. But that's also because we're really excited about the great local and regional gins from our bar. You have to try them. And it's much more sociable when you're part of a team.

DIY Longdrinks

The meeting was long. Sorry, but it will be even longer. But only in a glass! Mix your own pre-selected long drinks according to your taste. We'll provide recipes, barware and ingredients. Also ask for our non-alcoholic spirits.