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Conference hotel Potsdam: Sparkling creative meetings at the Seminaris Avendi

Conferences and meetings are designed to give you space for bubbling ideas and exchanges with other people. But why are the rooms in which they take place often so little fresh? We do it differently at Seminaris Avendi Hotel Potsdam. On our event spaces with flexible furniture, you will feel safe and challenged – just alive! One area of it is even located on a mezzanine at eye level with the shore of the lake: if that is not inspiring! Companies that want or need to change find the right impulses here to initiate and realize this process. We help to use modern methods to get teams and employees moving, solve entrenched structures and make room for new things – for more success, more cohesion and more satisfaction in the job. Whether modern meeting culture, conventional plenum or eventful celebrations, we have all the materials you need for a sustainable change. We advise and support you in the implementation of your project and are firmly at your side from planning to implementation.

5 meetings & conference rooms for up to 120 people 297 m² of event space Foyer with 30 m² of space Up to 2.95 m ceiling height Certified environmental management systen DIN EN ISO 14001:2015

Kick off Meeting Deal: 20% off on event bill

With "Take off for Transformation" every kick-off event becomes a success: If you book a meeting at Seminaris Avendi Hotel Potsdam between Feb. 1, 2022 and March 31, 2022 by Feb. 28, 2022, you can choose between a 20% discount on the event bill (excluding rooms and external services) or one of three meeting modules:

Facts & Figures

In the Seminaris Avendi Hotel Potsdam you will find five conference and meeting rooms on 297 m² with everything you need for the world of New Work. Another highlight is the endless view from the meeting rooms over the lake Griebnitz.

Creative and innovative meetings

The best way to look for new ideas "outside the box" is to have an unlimited view of the horizon and at the same time be in close touch with the pulse of the times. The Seminaris Avendi Hotel Potsdam offers you plenty of space for New Work, meetings and break-outs. Genuine sustainability. Living values. And: Food for body, mind and soul. This is where people meet who want to share their knowledge and learn from each other.

Meetings with culinary activities in nature

Enjoy the numerous culinary outdoor offers during your meeting: brainstorming sessions or the search for a solution to a specific challenge are simply moved outside. Whether in the middle of a meeting, during breaks or in the evening, take advantage of this opportunity for you and your team.

Many ideas for new impulses

Meeting room with furniture inside and outside

Outdoor meetings

All Seminaris Hotels are located in or near nature and offer the unique opportunity to hold meetings outdoors - or simply step out of the meeting rooms directly into the countryside and sit and work together longer when the weather is fine. In the fresh air, in a relaxed atmosphere and surrounded by greenery, you will feel completely different and the energy flow in your body will be strengthened. 

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Seminaris conference room with video transmission

Hybrid meetings

If you would like to be sure to have more participants at a conference, you can use the "Hybrid or Digital Conferences". Smaller meetings are held in one of the conference rooms, which acts as a "satellite station": From there, the event will be streamed live to other meeting rooms or anywhere in the world. This not only allows more participants, but also saves on travel, making it climate- and cost-friendly.

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New Work clock on a table

New Work - agile Transformation

Create your future with us, live the spirit of innovation and create change within the framework of New Work. You will feel more than comfortable. Get to know the new world of work and use its methods with us to set new goals, develop new ideas and put them into practice.

Information and agile methods of New Work
Seminaris Avendi Hotel Potsdam Rhetoric Studio

Convince Rhetorically

Employees often have the best approaches in their minds as to what could move their company forward. But when do they get the opportunity to really formulate and present them? And how do they appear particularly convincing? The Seminaris Avendi Hotel Potsdam offers you everything you need for a perfect performance. A fully equipped rhetoric studio. Trained personnel who can instruct you in the use of the technology or even operate the recordings themselves. And suitable creative spaces to apply your rhetorical skills right away during a debate.

Sustainability & CSR

Our entire team works on this topic and develops ideas to constantly find new sustainable approaches.

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Sustainability & CSR

Our entire team works on this topic and develops ideas to constantly find new sustainable approaches.

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