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Masterclass Bad Honnef - New Work needs New Leadership

Roman Schilling is an organizational consultant, executive coach and change & transformation expert. He wants to develop people and organizations holistically, creating enthusiasm, creativity and learning processes through co-creation, interaction and dialogue.

Roman Schilling

Roman Schilling

Roman has been working as an agile coach, executive coach, systemic organizational consultant, change and transformation facilitator since 2016. He studied at the European Business School London, the University of London, as well as Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management and WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management. He started his career as an in-house consultant, then worked as a Senior Consultant and Project Manager for a consulting firm in Madrid, and then as Senior Strategist Innovation & New Work for a German HR consultancy. He then worked as Manager & Head of Change for a Big-Four before starting his own business as a systemic coach and systemic organizational consultant. He is also a certified Cerfified Agile Leader, Scrum Master and Mental Coach.


From Sep 29, 2022


Seminaris Hotel Bad Honnef


EUR 959 p.p.



Seminaris Hotel Bad Honnef Meeting Raum Idea Space Two


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New Work & New Normal: What is behind the myth of New Work and New Normal? How can organizations introduce New Work and what does it mean in concrete terms? 

Resilience for Leaders & Organizations: How can organizations & leaders respond to change? What can leaders learn from the pandemic and how do we create robust and resilient organizational structures?

Agile Working: What is agile working? What is behind agile methods? How do we apply them? What does agile working mean for organizations in the context of mindset, values and principles? 

Agile leadership: How is agile leadership practiced? Which leadership models correspond to our time? What does New Leadership mean in the context of agile organizations and agile leadership? 

Agile change management: How does classic change management differ from agile? Why do we need more change competence in organizations and for leaders right now? How can this be applied precisely in the VUCA world? 


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Roman Schilling helps you to understand and classify New Work in depth, to try out agile methods and to apply them successfully in practice. With him, you can experience New Leadership and reflect on your own role. You can expect a holistic view of the individual, team and organization in the context of the New Normal.

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HR professionals | Project and department managers | Top management and middle management


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New Work & Organizations in Transition
September 29 - 30, 2022

Why is New Work needed and what does it mean in concrete terms? We demystify this buzz word and look at changes in the VUKA world, digitalization, change in business and society, and evolving megatrends. How have organizations evolved and changed over time from rigid, hierarchical organizations to post-modern agile organizations? We shed light on new formats and ways of working as well as the meaning and purpose of organization with the help of the new forms of work. We show the role of centering on employees and customers, how quick solutions become possible and why they are good, how global and interdisciplinary as well as cross-functional working works - and all this with a focus on people, with new leadership and new approaches such as coaching as well as systemic working.


Agile Leadership & Agile Methods
October 24 - 25, 2022

What does "Agile Leadership" mean? What methods are there and how do I put this knowledge into practice? In which contexts does agile work lend itself and what does "ambidextrous leadership" mean in this context? In this workshop, we focus on imparting knowledge, methods and skills on "agile leadership" and develop a common understanding of it. Agile leadership has a lot to do with self-leadership, among other things. Further components in this workshop are the topic of self-reflection as well as the further development of one's own leadership competencies.


Mastering Change
November 3 - 4, 2022

Change is omnipresent nowadays: How do we, as an organization and as managers, manage and accompany change in a concrete way? How do we take our employees with us on this journey? How do we create resilience for the organization and its people? We develop and reflect on change processes and look at agile change management and its application for the organization.