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We work sustainably

Seminaris Hotels are clearly committed to sustainable development and environmental responsibility. We want to make our contribution to the preservation of the environment. To this end, we are constantly working to optimize operational processes and the technologies used to conserve resources and minimize environmental impacts. Among other things, we rely on an environmental management system and invest in ecologically advantageous redevelopments. This conserve resources at all levels – economically and ecologically. A high standard of health and safety in our hotels and at the workplace is a matter of course for us. We manage all this with excellent employees, who we want to retain in the long term.


With a clear plan we achieve our goals at Seminaris Hotels. We are supported by a certified environmental management system.


We strive to continuously improve our environmental performance. We are supported by clearly defined goals at Seminaris Hotels.


Anyone who thinks professional events consistently sustainably also pays attention to a responsible care of the participants. 


Sustainability at Seminaris is internalized by the employees and is lived. Each hotel has its own environmental officer and group.