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This measures are intended to serve as an orientation and to show that we as Seminaris Hotels take the current situation seriously and are aware of our responsibility. Nevertheless, we must and will comply with every official instruction.

This information was summarised on April 23, 2020. A tightening of the individual measures is necessary if there is an increase in new infections or if an official order is issued. The individual actions will be continuously monitored and modified if necessary. It is possible to change, tighten or slacken individual or all measures.

The periods mentioned on the following listings refer to the approvals by the Federal Government or the State Governments and are approved individually per hotel by the management. Currently and after reopening, the regulations of phase 1 have to be observed.

Seminaris Hotel Lüneburg creative meeting room

Our measures for conferences

Measure 1

Der notwendige Abstand von mind. 2 Metern zwischen den Arbeitsplätzen wird auch im Tagungsraum eingehalten.

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Measure 2

Additional disposable gloves and mouth and nose protectors are available on request.

√ Phase 2 | √ New / Normal

Measure 3

There are sufficient disinfection facilities in the event areas.

√ Phase 2 | √ New / Normal

Measure 4

We do without central coffee breaks and serve them directly in the conference room.

√ Phase 2 | √ New / Normal

Measure 5

We are currently examining whether it is possible for us to hold events in the open air. Apart from the appropriate furniture, this obviously also requires technical equipment.

√ Phase 2 | √ New / Normal