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Even today, despite various easing in view of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is still not always easy to provide clear information. We still plan from day to day and from week to week, but we also see the many opportunities that this extraordinary time offers. And of course we look forward to seeing a lot of people with the necessary safety distance meeting each other in our hotels again. This measures are intended to serve as an orientation and to show that we as Seminaris Hotels take the current situation seriously and are aware of our responsibility. Nevertheless, we must and will comply with every official instruction.

This information was summarised on August 20, 2021 and is at least valid until further notice. A tightening of the individual measures is necessary if there is an increase in new infections or if an official order is issued. The individual actions will be continuously monitored and modified if necessary. It is possible to change, tighten or slacken individual or all measures.

The measures refer to the approvals by the Federal Government or the State Governments and are approved individually per hotel by the management.

Dining table with dishes

Our measures for catering

Measure 1

In all gastronomic areas the number of tables and seats will be reduced according to official instructions. Chairs and tables will be set up with a minimum distance of at least 1.5 meters as well as we created wide gangways. If and what kind of service is allowed in the restaurant depends on the local obligations.

Measure 2

The construction of our terraces and outdoor seating is also carried out according to the respective valid distance regulations of the Federal Government.

Measure 3

Service staff wear a permanent medical mask. Kitchen staff wear a permanent medical mask and disposable gloves.

Measure 4

We do not use sugar, salt and pepper shakers on the tables. These are temporarily replaced by disposable paper packaging.

Measure 5

Outdoors and indoors | „3G“
In general regulations depend on federal province, rate of incidence and rules. Principally outdoors the 3G isn‘t asked for.* Indoors providing evidence of „3G“ will be asked and reviewed by
our service staff.

At the restaurant and bar, cash payment is not possible for the time being. Invoices can be paid with electronic methods of payment or booked to the room.

Measure 6

Breakfast is offered - according to the requirements of the federal state - in two variants. Both variants are standardized, high-quality and sustainably packaged.
Depending on local obligations as well as to hotel occupancy and belonging to a group during conference there might be deviations. You will receive detailed explanations upon arrival.
Variation 1 – regular Seminaris breakfast buffet
Variation 2 – selection of 4 high-varied breakfasts in the restaurant via self-service buffet

Measure 7

Contactless serving to the room is possible for a reduced surcharge.