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Even today, despite various easing in view of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is still not always easy to provide clear information. We still plan from day to day and from week to week, but we also see the many opportunities that this extraordinary time offers. And of course we look forward to seeing a lot of people with the necessary safety distance meeting each other in our hotels again. This measures are intended to serve as an orientation and to show that we as Seminaris Hotels take the current situation seriously and are aware of our responsibility. Nevertheless, we must and will comply with every official instruction.

This information was summarised on August 20, 2021 and is at least valid until further notice. A tightening of the individual measures is necessary if there is an increase in new infections or if an official order is issued. The individual actions will be continuously monitored and modified if necessary. It is possible to change, tighten or slacken individual or all measures.

The measures refer to the approvals by the Federal Government or the State Governments and are approved individually per hotel by the management.

Seminaris Hotel Lüneburg Lobby

Our measures at arrival and during the stay

Measure 1

At most of our hotel sites there is an obligation to provide the “3G” (tested | recovered | vaccinated) evidence at the hotels upon arrival , the result will be reviewed upon check in and
any necessary follow-up will be indicated. Accommodation may be refused if a negative status cannot be established with proof of vaccination or convalescence. Due to incidence at
the location refreshing and reviewing of test result can be required.

The room bill can be paid on arrival. After depositing a credit card for possible outstanding amounts after departure, a contactless check-out is possible by inserting the key card/key into a key box.

Measure 2

We offer electronic payment via EC-Cash, V-Pay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, AirPlus, Alipay or Diners.

Measure 3

If possible, rooms remain unused for at least 24 hours after departure. For the protection of guests (and especially risk groups) and our own employees, rooms will not be cleaned during the stay for the time being.

Measure 4

On departure, disinfection of all surfaces and potentially endangered objects in the room e.g. desk, wardrobe, tables and drawers, TV, tiles, mirrors, light switches, door handles and locks, window handles, remote control, restrooms, toilet brushes, taps, soap dispensers.

Measure 5

If possible, disposable products are used for cleaning. Other cleaning utensils are cleaned at 90°C and with an additional laundry disinfectant.

Measure 8

For the duration of the stay, data is recorded digitally via the e-guest App or luca App. Your data will be anonymised and stored in compliance with DSGVO. An automatic deletion takes place after the legal time limits have expired.