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Lego© Serious Play©

Target group: Teams, managers, personnel managers, trainers and coaches

Areas of application: strategic workshops for the presentation of problems and solutions, strategy and vision development, company fusions, personnel and team problems, product development, innovation management

Participants: 15-20 people per group
Duration: 1 day

Material: Lego© Serious Play©
Network: Moderator

• Lego© Serious Play© is based on psycholigical basics, in whose processes thoughts, experiences and structures are visualised in three-dimensional models by answering a question with a building made of building blocks
• During the building process, the question is dealt with more intensively and the part of the brain responsible for abstract thinking and creativity is activated, which leads to the development of new solutions or even entire concepts.
• The procedure is always the same and is called the "four step principle": Asking questions, having them built, sharing stories, reflecting on results

Lego Serious Play

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