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Business Model Canvas

Target group: Management consultants, teams, executives, personnel managers, new work ambassadors, trainers and coaches

Fields of application: Visualisation of a current and future business model of a company

Participants: 1-10 people
Duration: 45-90 minutes

Material: Business model canvas, whiteboards, flipcharts, metaplan walls, pens and sticky notes
Network: Trainers

• The Business Model Canvas consists of 9 areas (customer segment, value proposition, channels, customer relationship, revenue streams, key resources, key activities, key partnerships, cost structure) with 4 perspectives (value proposition, customer, infrastructure, finance), which are filled out one after the other
• It is a useful addition to the Value Proposition Canvas, which is about value proposition and customer value

Business Model Canvas

Why Business Model Canvas?

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What is the Business Model Canvas?

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When Business Model Canvas?

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Who invented the Business Model Canvas?

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How do you create a Business Model Canvas?

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