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Objective: To gain new perspectives, loosen up deadlocked issues

Participants: 6 - 16 people per group, minimum 3 groups
Duration: 60 - 90 minutes

Material: at least 2 meeting rooms

• Debate is a pro-con debate that can be used both as a format and a method
• Conflicting topics are illuminated anew from all sides, whereby it is not the better arguments that count, but how multifaceted the topic has been reworked
• There is a pro-argument and a con-argument group, which work on the topics accordingly, and a jury or observer group
• Participants of the pro- and contra-group inform themselves about the topic, work out arguments and distribute them among the members of the group, the jury prepares an observation sheet, which should include criteria such as facial expressions in addition to the persuasive power of the arguments
• In the first round, both sides now alternately present one argument each, the opposing side takes notes, but must not yet react to the arguments of the other side
• The groups consult each other about their arguments regarding the arguments of the opposite side
• In the second half of the round, direct counterparts sit across from each other and respond to the opponent's arguments, try to refute them
• The jury gives feedback using the observation form
• Together they discuss which arguments were still missing and whether the arguments of the other side were taken up

Man holds a debate before a group

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