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The New World of Work: Design the future now

Seminaris is the agile partner in the new work process and can help to shape it with its equipment and a large network. The concept of "new work" has the most significant impact on the change in the world of work. It is an opportunity to solve one's problems and challenges permanently and sustainably. Through formats like Bar Camps, Fish Bowl, World Café or Debates and methods like Design Thinking, Scrum or Effectuation. Digitalisation, connectivity and globalisation change how, where and with what means people work. It is already clear today that agile companies that offer their teams flexible working time models are more resistant to crises.This has become abundantly clear in recent times, but will also be a fact of life far beyond.  In order for a company to determine where it stands on this path, to set the right goals and choose the best ways to get there, it needs a stable and individually developed concept.

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Creative formats need rooms that are both stimulating and pleasant, in which one can feel safe and challenged.


Each new work method requires its own materials. At Seminaris we provide these in a large scale.


At Seminaris you get a expert network of new work trainers, keynote speakers and moderators.

Creative Rooms

Classical conventions are no longer necessary in creative conference rooms. Just the right setting for new and innovative ideas.