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Take off for transformation & save 20%

All beginnings are easy when Seminaris prepares everything for you and makes it as comfortable as possible for you in one of our hotels. With "Take off for Transformation" every kick-off event becomes a success:
If you book a meeting at our hotels between Feb. 1, 2022 and March 31, 2022 by Feb. 28, 2022, you can choose between a 20% discount on the event bill (excluding rooms and external services) or one of the following offers:

We say Welcome Back by providing you with meeting space and room rental. At the "Sparkle for a smile" drinks get together low, prosecco or sparkling wine, orange juice and water are all in - Cheers! The room is pleasantly decorated and we look forward to serving you a fantastic dinner after your meeting or workshop. EUR 66 per person (minimum of 10 people).

If you go Back to Work with us, you get the "Draft Rate" on top for two hours with soft drinks, juices, juice spritzers, water as well as beer and your wine wishes according to consumption. And at the "Sparkle for a smile" - drinks get together mid we swap with a non-alcoholic, seasonal aperitif, signature drink, water and naturally cloudy apple juice. EUR 89 per person (from 10 persons).

And if you would also like to enjoy a bar evening, also lasting two hours, where everyone can put together their own long drinks - then choose Together Forward and we'll do just that: we'll go into your future with you! EUR 125 per person (minimum 10 people).

Shape the future now!

Supplement your kick-off events with the latest formats based on the New Work concept. They enable innovation, support change management in the company and accompany transformation processes. Together we will find out which format is best suited for you and your goals, and which method should be used to support it. Seminaris offers everything needed for trainings and meetings to create real change: from creative furniture and walls that can be covered with stickers to top-equipped material cases and breakout areas for breaks or particularly quiet work. But also a network of trainers, moderators and keynote speakers.


A barcamp is an event format with open workshops, lectures and discussion groups, which are organised in respective sessions. The success of a barcamp is based on active participation. Every event is different and each event creates new and unforgettable impressions and experiences. 

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In discussions with more than 20 people, it is almost impossible to get a word in without someone getting in the way. The Fishbowl is like a goldfish bowl and the participants sit around it in a circle and discuss. It is a great alternative to conventional panel discussions and can be made even more active if there is a subsequent exchange between the inner and outer circle. Finally, a defined group of observers gives feedback on the behavior and the effect.

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World Café

In a World Café, people who are interested in a topic meet in an inviting coffee house atmosphere for an intensive exchange of thoughts, ideas and experiences. World Café offers the possibility to let a comparatively large group talk about a question. Pictures and sketches drawn on the tablecloths are also used. A World Café can be planned as an independent format or used as a method in a larger event.

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Open Space

The Open Space format is used to discuss in large and small groups and to present complex questions or challenges. The focus is to achieve fast and action-oriented results within a fixed time frame. The agenda is created by the participants themselves, so that everyone has the opportunity to bring in their own topics and questions.

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Warp Conference

The Warp Conference is all about a quick and direct exchange between many and various participants. It is similar to speed dating, because face-to-face conversations take place within the conference. The frequent change results in a varied dynamic and consideration of points of view on certain topics.

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Assessment meets Gaming: New employees can be found with playful ease. In classic selection procedures for new employees, there is little room for lightness and joy. It's about finding the right people for your company. Always with reference to the actual task, Recrutainment opens up the space for this.

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Walking Meeting

Who actually dictates that business meetings must always take place indoors? The Walking Meeting or Brown Bag Session takes you out of the four walls of the seminar room - with a task and provisions in your luggage. During the walk you can discuss, create and decide. Inspiring tasks make it a completely new experience.

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Thinking marathon in a team. That brings Thinkathon to the point. Joint brainstorming and thinking as a team task to jointly develop solutions. The participants come from a wide range of industries and the profession is not important.

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Future Conference

How do you create the future? This is the central question at the Future Conference. In a large group, a plan of action for a problem is developed jointly. This is especially important when different interest groups are involved in strategy formation and need to come to a common agreement.

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