Brewery Museum

Place: Lüneburg

Lüneburg. The city of "salt and malt". Rightly... after all, 80 breweries were once brewed here.

The Kronenbrauerei is the oldest known brewery in Lüneburg. Since 1485 all master brewers have been handed down to this day. At the place of origin of the Kronen brewery you will find the brewery museum, which explains the entire process of brewing beer with original exhibits.

German Salt Museum

Place: Lüneburg

"De Sulte dat is Luneborch", stated the mayor of Lüneburg, Hinrik Lange, in 1461. Salt determined life in Lüneburg for over 1,000 years.

It was not until 1980 that the salt works, one of the oldest and largest industrial plants in Europe, was closed for economic reasons. Since then the German Salt Museum and the industrial monument Saline Lüneburg remind of its glorious past.

In addition to a permanent exhibition, special exhibitions regularly provide variety.

Water Tower

Place: Lüneburg

Admire Lüneburg from a bird's eye view!

Beside the great view over the city (and in good weather even to Hamburg 45km away) the Lüneburger Wasserturm offers you a permanent exhibition and an event area. The water tower has already become the setting for weddings, music events or conferences.