City Tours

Red Roses in Lüneburg

Place: Lüneburg

Lüneburg has been the location for the telenovela "Rote Rosen" since 2006.

During the guided tour you will visit selected outdoor locations in the city centre and gain many familiar insights.

Photo walk through the historical Lüneburg

Place: Lüneburg

Go in a small group with the trained photographer, Rüdiger Cornels, on the search for your perfect souvenir photo.

Whether with mobile phone or reflex camera. Whether professional or beginner. Rüdiger Cornels takes you on the way and shows you Lüneburg from a different angle.

Evening fun with Marie and Claas

Place: Lüneburg

The two originals from Lüneburg offer you witty stories about sloppy pouch cutters, well-functioning women, renegade priests, stuck-up patricians and hard-drinking craftsmen. During the day and night, you will wander through corners and alleys that you must get to know.

Lüneburg and the "white gold"

Place: Lüneburg

The saltworks, which originally helped Lüneburg to its wealth, are located directly below the town. But wealth has its price. Today this salt dome lowers annually by up to 13cm, so that houses bulge and columns stand crooked. Beside a view into the lowering area, the way leads past the old city wall up to the old crane, the secret landmark of Lüneburg.