Kienberg Park

Place: Berlin

The Kienbergpark, named after the Kienberg in Berlin-Hellersdorf, is a 60 hectare park with a 1.5 km long cable car completed for the IGA (International Garden Exhibition) in 2017. Keep an eye on everything as you float over the heads of other visitors.

Schorfheide Game Park

Place: Groß Schönebeck

The Schorfheide Game Park is just an hour's drive from Berlin in the middle of the forest. Hundreds of square kilometres of forest - some of which even belong to the UNESCO World Heritage - invite you to hike and relax.


Place: Potsdam

Potsdam has much more to offer than its famous parks and castles. The inner city of Brandenburg's state capital, located directly southwest of Berlin, is also well worth a visit and offers a lot to discover on a day trip.

Please have a look at the excursion tips of our Potsdam hotels for details.

Grunewald tower

Place: Berlin

Take a deep breath. Around you far and wide only forest and water!

From the Grunewald tower you can enjoy this panorama. The western outskirts of Berlin are green - here in the middle of the Grunewald is the 55 metre high Grunewald Tower. From its viewing platform you have a wonderful view of the forest, meadows and water - the ideal photo spot.

Citadel Spandau

Place: Berlin

The Spandau Citadel is one of the best-preserved Renaissance fortresses in Europe. History comes to life here as you roam the grounds of the citadel.

From the old town of Spandau you can reach the citadel in only 10 minutes on foot. The former military fortress from the 16th century is today a place where countless cultural events take place: Medieval festivals, music festivals, theatre and exhibitions.