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Seminaris conference hotels: Create future - or simply make holidays

Seminaris Hotels are creative places where you can do more: With the team "outside the box" looking for new ideas, the best view of the horizon and in close relation to the heartbeat of the time. Our hotels in modern industrial design are characterised by "New Work" concepts. We offer space for productive meetings, seminars and co-working. At the same time, our hotels in green surroundings are retreats for relaxation and ideal starting points for exploring nature. For all those who want to stay in balance with work-life blending. With plenty of room for creative, new ways of working, effective meetings and relaxation. Seminaris offers real sustainability, lived values and high-quality soul food for body, mind and soul.

Seminaris Hotel Nürnberg Bed View Suite Seminaris Hotel Lüneburg Lobby Seminaris Hotel Lüneburg sitting area apartment with hanging swing Seminaris Hotel Lüneburg Lobby Couch Seminaris Hotel Lüneburg Suite Living Area Seminaris Hotel Lüneburg bicycles on the wall with light Seminaris Hotel Nuremberg suitcase rack facing bed Seminaris CampusHotel Berlin detail seating area conference room Seminaris hotels detail metal chair seating area room

Space for new impulses

At Seminaris you will find simplicity and flexibility. Our close-to-nature hotels in German metropolitan regions offer inspiring facilities and uncomplicated comfort.

Seminaris Hotels combine best urban location, proximity to nature, animating design and casual cosiness. They are the starting point for creative adventures and new food for thought. A creative place for world conquerors and agile change processes and at the same time space for a relaxing time-out. Natural colors with contrasting highlights, fabrics and woods create an inspiring atmosphere in our rooms. The new design in Industrial Chic plays with old and modern elements. In the lobby, the hospitality of Seminaris combines central accommodation with contemporary co-working space. Our innovative conference rooms with sophisticated details offer the right environment for new work. In the Seminaris hotels everyone can take a break, whether they are leisure or business travellers.

Set off for new adventures

Seminaris Hotels in seven cities: Centrally located and yet in the middle of nature.
Recreation. Inspiration. Relaxation. Refuel.

Culinary pleasure in
the ambience of Seminaris

Varied, fresh, healthy and contemporary - this probably best describes our kitchen style. This does not exclude hearty meals, but includes them completely. Gladly also meatless or as vegan option. As menu, buffet or á la carte.

Enjoy fresh,
start over

The well-being of our guests inspires the kitchen teams in the restaurants of Seminaris to best performances - individual, delicious, with many fresh ideas and as often as possible with regional food.

Family style kitchen

Eating like with good friends. At a large table with the regional culinary highlights of our table buffets. Try seasonal local cuisine and feel at home.

Nearly like a
kitchen party

Eating and learning are very close related. Because we offer menus where you can have a look into the cooking pots and get tips from the chef himself. You take your freshly prepared plate right from the kitchen.

Fresh ideas
at the tap

Our bars are places where you can meet extraordinary people and have inspiring conversations. The menu promises stylish drinking fun - from cultivated wine to small-batch German gin to regional beer or even the non-alcoholic drink. We focus on a down-to-earth bar culture with good ingredients and as much sustainable as possible. Come up with fresh ideas at the tap. Cheers to a great time.

Transformation and Change Management at Seminaris

In order to create change, the teams in companies have to rethink and refuel fresh knowledge. This works best in a creative environment with a comfortable full-service offer: Our hotels are specialised in future-oriented conferences and workshops. We supplement decades of experience with the latest methods and formats based on new work concepts.

Creative Rooms and
New Work Fomats

A creative environment and agile meeting formats get teams and employees moving - and new ideas flowing. They enable innovation, support change management in the company and accompany transformation processes.

New Work

Seminaris offer not only conference rooms for creative meetings. The hotels have a network of inspiring new work trainers, coaches, moderators and keynote speakers whose expertise your team can draw on.

New Work Methods and

All materials needed for modern workshops with efficient new work methods are available at the Seminaris Hotels.

Seminaris Hotels offer you everything you need for your change - in every format, whether it's a convention, conference, meeting, bar camp or world café. Our conference rooms are creative spaces with modern event technology. We know how to use all this efficiently and integrate it into new methods such as Design Thinking or Effectuation.

Seminaris is your competent service provider and agile partner especially in change processes. With our equipment and a large network of experts we help you to create your meetings, your decision-making processes and your future.  With Seminaris you can create real cultural change and real transformation. Our conference hotels offer everything you need for effective training and productive meetings, from creative furniture and walls to top-equipped material cases and breakout areas for breaks or particularly quiet working.


Seminaris also maintains a large network of experienced coaches, trainers, keynote speakers and moderators. These colleagues work closely with you and your team to develop exactly the right tools and individual formats according to the concepts of new work. Because, like many methods, new work is what you make of it. By choosing the right modules, you can make the transformation in your company efficient, accurate and enjoyable.


Last but not least, the hotel infrastructure of Seminaris offers a comfortable supply of guests in one place: from modern rooms with a modern design to the excellent gastronomic offer, from easy accessibility on arrival to close contact with nature - this is how we also keep the inner work of our guests in balance.

data collection

By using the free data collection apps from e-guest and luca, you can quickly and easily document your attendance at Seminaris Hotels and participation in events at the hotels.


Seminaris Hotels focus on sustainability. With our lively sustainability concept, we make all areas of the company greener and more environmentally friendly in the long term. In 2019 we introduced a certified environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 in the entire hotel group.

Picture gallery,
latest news

Seminaris in words and pictures: News and visual inspirations from the eight Seminaris Hotels. Here we present what inspires our company, our employees and our guests.