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In addition to proven materials such as beamers, screens, flipcharts, pin boards, pads, pens and moderation cases, additional equipment is often required for creative meetings.Each method requires its own materials. The building of prototypes is a crucial component. Lego® Serious Play® bricks, bags, post it's, craft materials, straws, felt-tip pens, PlayMais, modelling clay, polystyrene balls and cones, scissors, cutter knives, glue sticks, painter's tape, pipe cleaners, wooden skewers, colourful photo cardboard, crumpled balls, plush pompoms, parcel string, braided cords, party cups, colourful ice-cream sticks, hard cardboard, craft adhesive tape, aluminium foil and much more. We already have the materials and are prepared for it.

Seminaris Hotel creative room with new work material

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