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Being innovative, i.e. creating something never seen before, requires creativity. Especially in the highly competitive markets it is becoming more and more important to be and remain innovative in order to set oneself apart from competitors and to maintain market shares. With New Work methods like Design Thinking innovation is pushed. The customer and his problem are clearly the focus of Design Thinking. After getting to know the target group, as many ideas are generated, evaluated, many dropped again and some selected. A particularly important component of Design Thinking is an open culture of constructive criticism, i.e. a continuous process of trying out, checking and improving or stopping the further development of the idea. The prototype developed as a result is intended to give the customer a look and feel of the new product. For some products it is easier to create a prototype than for others. Nevertheless it is possible! Creativity is also needed here. In the end, the prototype is tested on the previously determined target group and continuously adapted or or improved. The process of creating a prototype and the following test phase will most likely run through several cycles.

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