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We make people grow

Seminaris Hotels offer much more than just creative meeting rooms. We make people grow. With us you will find everything you need for innovation, change management and transformation. We support you with a network of "new work" trainers, keynote speakers, moderators and materials to meet your challenges. Your new homebase with the complete offer of a hotel also before and after the workshop. We will accompany you on your journey. We advocate for changes that create a better world for all of us.

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498 Employers
143 Meeting rooms
1418 Hotel rooms

Diversity and inclusion at Seminaris

We make people grow: At Seminaris, we want all people to grow in their individuality and personality. By involving them in decisions, listening to them and implementing their ideas. We make room for individuality - and are happy that this also creates friction. Because we use the energy that arises in the process to constantly develop ourselves further. This was precisely how we as a hotel company got through the challenges of the Corona pandemic, among other things.

We are aware that all employees are at a different point, bring their own knowledge and experience with them - and we want to get to know them with all these competencies and support them on their further journey. Diversity is as natural as it is enriching. After all, it is also firmly rooted in the personality of the hotel industry: a colorful mix of languages, cultures and characters makes hotels what they are - vibrant places of encounter. For us, it is always a matter of course that we treat all guests completely equally.

We promote diversity and inclusion in all areas. From the integration of people with disabilities and gender equality to flexible working time models for employees who combine family work with their professional lives. To the targeted promotion of creativity by bringing together people from different departments: Through exchange, they learn with and from each other, broaden their horizons and develop further. We make people grow.

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