Who is »Seminaris«? A portrait

Company history of Seminaris Hotel- und Kongressstätten-Betriebs-GmbH


1978 foundation of the company

As far back as the early seventies, one of the company founders, Günther Strube focused closely on working with the German seminar and conference market, as well as with the rapidly developing field of in-company apprenticeships, training and continuing professional development. He explored the market, particularly the corporate educational centres of large businesses, and identified considerable demand for specialised seminar hotels.

On the initiative of a big German insurance company, the prototype was developed and on the 1st October 1978 it opened as the Seminaris Hotel Lüneburg in the metropolitan area of Hamburg. The foundations had been laid and now a new type of hotel began to be established in Germany - the specialised seminar and conference hotel. In the same year, the company ‘Seminaris™ Hotel- und Kongressstätten Betriebsgesellschaft mbH’ was founded. Subsequently, further sites were to be set up in the metropolitan regions of Hanover, Cologne, Stuttgart and Berlin.


Three decades later

The Seminaris skill and know-how has proved successful on the market. Taking a pioneering role for over three decades, the Seminaris group has grown to 8 establishments at five locations in these important metropolitan areas. Following the opening of the Seminaris Lüneburg - Germany’s first professional seminar and conference hotel - further hotels were then opened in Bad Honnef (1986), Hermannsburg (1988), Bad Boll (1994) and Potsdam (1998). These were supplemented by the Avendi Hotels, again in Potsdam (1999) and another in Bad Honnef (2000). The most recent milestone is the spectacular Seminaris CampusHotel Berlin - Science & Conference Center (architect - Helmut Jahn, Chicago), which opened in March 2009.


Distinguishing Characteristics

Core Competences:

Seminaris™ is a service provider with its main expertise in the management of hotels and conference centres, restaurants, event catering and recreation areas.

Target groups:

All venues are hotel and conference centres (“Meeting Resorts”), aimed at the seminar and conference markets; they are all easily accessible, located in major economic regions, but also attractive tourist destinations throughout Germany. Our target groups are primarily seminar and conference guests, business and leisure visitors, but we also attract weekend and mini-break travellers.


The brands “Seminaris™” and, since 2000, “Avendi” hotels are both managed under the umbrella of the Seminaris Group; the latter being primarily aimed at discerning business travellers and are ideally suited to meet the needs of high-class meetings with a sophisticated service.

Value for money:

Transparent value for money is guaranteed for all services. Our main focus is the efficient running of conferences. This is achieved through the consistent implementation of the “all under one roof” concept throughout the four harmoniously coordinated pillars:

1. Meetings and Conferences

  • a diverse and customised range of rooms are on offer, all with modern multi-media information and communication technology as well as all necessary presentation equipment
  • comfortable, communication-friendly areas for uninterrupted conversations and group work before and after the conference
  • a service centre which is available to all speakers and participants during the event with all the services which might be required
  • professional services, from event planning to execution to follow-up work
  • all seminar centres fulfil the requirements of DIN 15906 »Tagungsstätte« (conference venue)

2. Accommodation

  • comfortable, 4* category hotel rooms and business suites with work-friendly desks and seating, good lighting, telecommunication connections (LAN, WLAN), TV, mini-bars, modern bathrooms and much more

3. Food & Drink

  • a rich and varied range of cuisines - from breakfast buffet and modern catering (break service, lunch and dinner buffets) all the way to sophisticated menus and exclusive banquets

4. Recreation

  • spa, fitness and recreation facilities and activity programmes which significantly enrich the hotel and conference centre’s range of services, both on and off-site
  • a location, atmosphere and ambience which make the complexes the perfect hosts for mini-break, city-break or health spa travellers


Reliability, innovation and continuity have characterised the company for 35 years. Our staff can identify strongly on a personal level with the company. The number of employees who have worked for us for many years is extremely high compared to the rest of the industry. We maintain our connections with our clients with great care and personalised public relations.

People - guests, customers, employees or managers - are our main focus. Seminaris creates meeting places. The group corporate philosophy also fits in perfectly with this credo: